Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hogwarts will always be there to welcome you home

Some people think I am a silly girl.  Every night, I turn on Harry Potter and fall asleep watching it.  When the dvd player went out and we couldn't get a new one, I set up my iPhone by the bed and when I can't sleep, I turn on Harry Potter.  They are my "go-to" movies.

In 2001, I was too cool for Harry Potter, I thought it was dumb.  By the 3rd movie, I watched it, and the end confused me.  So I bought the book.  I read it cover to cover and enjoyed it so much that I went out and bought the 4th book.  In 2005, I saw my first Harry Potter in theaters, The Goblet of Fire.  I'd read the book and loved it, and kept reading until the end of the series.  But this movie, number 4, was the first I'd seen in a theater.  I went alone on my day off.  My husband was thousands of miles away on a military deployment.

Since that time, Harry Potter has been a part of my life.  There was something magical about it.  The boy who lived.  The simple yet complicated idea of a magic done with your wand, the wand that chose you.  The imagination was packed into the story so deeply and it inspired me.  I began to read again and never, ever got tired of picking up a Harry Potter book when I didn't know what else to read.

So, call me a silly girl.  These speeches given by the author, J.K. Rowling and the Potter trio brought tears to my eyes.  Hogwarts is home, and a happy, magical place for kids to go to learn magic.  While I might be muggle born, I am sure that if Hogwarts existed when I was 11, I'd have gotten my letter.

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Kiahna Williams said...

Followed your link from Scrapmatters. Thanks for posting this video. It is perfect and sums up my feelings exactly. No other books (in my opinion) have transcended all generations. I know they have truly touched my life, from reading them to my fourth grade students to listening to the audio books on long road trips. :) Thanks for sharing, just disappointed that I will miss the speed scrap...I will be at the movie theather instead!

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